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Karnataka produces 9,000 metric tons of mulberry silk of a total of 20,000 metric tons of mulberry silk produced in the country, thus contributing to nearly 45% of the country's total mulberry silk. In Karnataka, silk is mainly grown in the Mysore district. It's a patent registered product under KSIC. KSIC is an owner of the all Mysore silk Brand.


The growth of the silk industry in the Kingdom of Mysore was first initiated during the reign of Maharaja of Mysore nearly 1500-1600AC.[2] Later it was hit by a global depression, and competition from imported silk and rayon. In the second half of the 20th century, it revived and the Mysore State became the top multivoltine silk producer in India.[2]
The growth of Mysore silk sarees is credited to the reign of Tipu Sultan in 1785 AD. But what has kept the craze going is the quality of fabric, a mix of 100 per cent fine silk and pure gold zari (which is 65 per cent silver and 0.65 per cent pure gold) that comes together to create a perfectly stylish piece of South Indian culture for the discerning global fashionista.Legend also has it that Maharaja Krishna Raj Wadiyar IV went to Britain to be a part of Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebrations and was taken in by the machine-made silk fabrics that the British royalties donned. He then went on to order 32 power looms from Switzerland and began what is now known as the first production of machine-made silk sarees in India

Special features

The most distinct feature of the saree is the use of genuine silk and pure gold zari which gives it a natural sheen and rich texture. Since the sarees are exclusively manufactured and produced, each piece has a distinct mark, that lets you be sure of the authenticity and long-lasting fabric.
The quality of silk also ensures that the saree is self-maintained, so don’t be surprised if you pull out an old piece from your mom’s closet and find it to be as good as new. Also, the plain one-toned colour sets the saree apart from the rest of the products in the market. You’ll know that it is an authentic Mysore silk saree owing to its simple design and lustre that can be spotted from a mile away


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